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Sunny weather, ice cream, tanning and of course, sale season – there are a lot of reasons to love summer. To make your fingers sparkle in the sunbeams we have a great selection of sale pieces ready for you.

One of them is the Mount Lavinia Chain Ring which is available in silver, gold-plated silver or rose gold-plated silver. You can choose from different stones such as a facetted aquamarine or a hazonite garnet.

You will also find a selection of different gemstones in our Kandy collection. The triangle-shaped stones give each ring a minimalist, yet elegant touch. Regardless of whether you go for the Double Kandy version or the one with a single stone, the ring will not only be a companion for your everyday wardrobe but it also will be a great piece to wear on special occasions. 

If you are looking for an eye-catching piece, the Tricomallee Ring is perfect for you. The trio of a smoky quartz, a rainbow moonstone and a aquamarine makes it to a real statement piece. Set in either sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver, it can be worn on the index finger, long finger or ring finger. 

We are looking forward to welcome you in our studio at Dubsstrasse 26 in Zurich. Book your appointment today by writing a message to Otherwise we wish you a happy shopping tour through our Sale-Online-Shop

Hello Bern!

All our friends from Bern now have the possibility to find several pieces of our jewelry and scarves collections in the FEINFRACHT store at Kramgasse 21. The unique shop in the capital of Switzerland represents a very modern vibe. FEINFRACHT as a brand is famous for its contemporary furniture, accessories and graphic designs. In their store they do not only sell their own products but also pieces from other selected Swiss labels. 

Discover our selection and visit the FEINFRACHT store in Bern. 

KINSFOLK joins Kids of Dada

K I O N S L F K – K I N S F O L K – F O N L K I N S

We are proud to now be a part of The international gallery and shop provides contemporary pieces of art and fashion. After it has been established in 2013 it has grown by offering different designers from all over the world. They show both provocative works of art and new luxury of bespoke fashion by cutting edge designers. Inspired by the Dada movement, which had its roots in Zurich, they are a platform for free-thinking individuals with zeal to create an electric pairing of art of fashion.

Head over to Kids of Dada and see our selection in their online shop, a destination for contemporary design pieces.


It tasted like Paradise

A joyful atmosphere, a tropical drink and good talks – last Friday’s event was a blast.  After some hours of preparation the KINSFOLK and QWSTION invites teams were ready to welcome their guests in the bright store at Badenerstrasse 156.  The scarves waved in the soft summer breeze and the guests enjoyed the exclusive KINSFOLK drink which was freshly mixed at the bar.


We are feeling very blessed to have such loyal customers of which some have become really good friends. We are looking forward to seeing you soon at another event. Until then, you can always visit us at our studio or stop by at the Qwstion invites store. 

Meet Carmen!

We always have an intern working with us, so we thought it would be nice to introduce them to our customers. Meet Carmen: our newest lovable member of KINSFOLK! You might have already seen her working at the KINSFOLK Studio in Zurich or at one of the events or fairs. With her love for fashion and photography, she is just the perfect match for the marketing and communication internship.


Hey Carmen, how are you doing?
- I'm great, thank you! Right now a bit busy with the last preparations for tomorrows event at the QWSTION invites store in Zurich!

Ok ok, we wont' bother you long. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
- Really? Well, I would say I am a very positive, creative and open-minded person – who likes nice accessories of course. 

Agreed! What are you actually doing here all day? Do you like working at KINSFOLK?
Basically I am responsible for the online store orders and of course for providing our customers who visit the Studio the best service. Also, I contribute to all our digital channels. That means I am planning throughout the month what topics we want to cover and then write about those and take pcitures. Additionally I help with many other small things like help planning events, running errands, do research and support where ever I can when creating a new collection.
And exactly this variety of tasks make me super happy working for you guys. I love it! 
I think I have the privilege to not only learn many things but also contribute something. I am looking very forward to implement a lot of my ideas and to get inspired by the story of KINSFOLK.

Thank you sweetie. Now back to work!

Treat yourself with some Kandy

Misty mornings, a forested landscape and colorful houses amid an enchanted atmosphere full of calmness – Kandy is a city to fall in love with and it’s definitively as sweet as it sounds. As the last royal capital of the ancient kings’ era of Sri Lanka, Kandy is located in the midst of hills in the Central Province. Our same-named collection is inspired by the unique atmosphere and it stands for the traditions of the city, which are an important part for the whole country. 

The collection is available in various combinations of semi precious natural stones. As no stone is exactly like another, every ring of the Kandy collection is unique. With our handmade manufacturing processes in Sri Lanka and Switzerland we want to unite the two countries and cherish the treasures of our homelands. 

A ring of our collection will not only add bright colors to your life but it also guarantees you a piece which is made with love. Treat yourself with a Kandy ring and feel the sweet vibes of an enchanted city.    

QWSTION invites KINSFOLK – A taste of paradise

A tropical drink, good talks and beautiful products to look at – Together with our good friends from QWSTION invites we are hosting a summer fling thing to spread some good vibes. Nip on the exclusive KINSFOLK drink with the finest Ceylon Arrack from Sri Lanka while discovering all our different jewelry and scarf collections.

The event is part of the official Kreislauf 4+5 Weekend on which over 100 shops, galleries, ateliers and restaurants invite you to discover Zurich's most creative design district.

Come by and say hi! We are looking forward to seeing you very soon at Badenerstrasse 156.
Jessica & Josie

When Nature inspires Jewelry

The Palmyrah collection is named after the Palmyrah palm trees, which are widely cultivated in the northern part of Sri Lanka. The trees are not only an important part of the Sri Lankan nature but also of the culture. The long leaves of the graceful palms are used by the local women to weave products of many kinds. This traditional process inspired us to design the Palmyrah collection. 

The same way the palm leaves are woven into beautiful baskets, single silver stripes are woven and manufactured into mats. These mats form the base of our jewelry. Local craftsmen in Sri Lanka do all the weaving. It is very important to us to provide them fair working conditions. KINSFOLK is devoted to preserving handcrafts in Sri Lanka by combining traditional methods with a modern aesthetic. Our goal is to celebrate enduring design that inspires for a lifetime. Our principles are to manufacture ethically, and ensure that artisans earn a sustainable living.

We are happy to share a part of the beautiful Palmyrah scenery with our same-named jewelry collection.