A cashmere scarf for the loved one

Christmas is around the corner and if you are still wondering how to spoil your loved one, our hand-woven cashmere scarves with leather edging might just be the right surprise.

Our hand-woven scarves are created in a cottage industry where family members, using their own handloom, carry out production at home. The very fine, flossy cashmere fibres are blended with 20% silk to give an exceptional softness and durability. After the yarn is hand dyed with beautiful shades to reflect colour and textural stories it takes around two weeks for the artisan to weave just one scarf.

By choosing handloom fabrics over machine- milled fabric, we reduce the carbon footprint of our products as well as employ nine times as many people. The beauty of these scarves lies in the gorgeous handcrafted materials and in the fact that they support a fading industry—socially, economically and environmentally.

KINSFOLK is devoted to preserving the craft of handmade textiles by combining traditional methods with a modern aesthetic. Our goal is to celebrate enduring design that inspires for a lifetime. Our principles are to manufacture ethically and ensure that artisans earn a sustainable living.

Until the 22nd of December you can find us everyday from 12pm to 7pm at the temporary concept store “QWSTION invites…” on Badenerstrasse 156 in Zürich.

Of course, we are open 24/7 at shop.kinsfo.lk
We look forward to your visit.