When Nature inspires Jewelry

The Palmyrah collection is named after the Palmyrah palm trees, which are widely cultivated in the northern part of Sri Lanka. The trees are not only an important part of the Sri Lankan nature but also of the culture. The long leaves of the graceful palms are used by the local women to weave products of many kinds. This traditional process inspired us to design the Palmyrah collection. 

The same way the palm leaves are woven into beautiful baskets, single silver stripes are woven and manufactured into mats. These mats form the base of our jewelry. Local craftsmen in Sri Lanka do all the weaving. It is very important to us to provide them fair working conditions. KINSFOLK is devoted to preserving handcrafts in Sri Lanka by combining traditional methods with a modern aesthetic. Our goal is to celebrate enduring design that inspires for a lifetime. Our principles are to manufacture ethically, and ensure that artisans earn a sustainable living.

We are happy to share a part of the beautiful Palmyrah scenery with our same-named jewelry collection.