Meet Carmen!

We always have an intern working with us, so we thought it would be nice to introduce them to our customers. Meet Carmen: our newest lovable member of KINSFOLK! You might have already seen her working at the KINSFOLK Studio in Zurich or at one of the events or fairs. With her love for fashion and photography, she is just the perfect match for the marketing and communication internship.


Hey Carmen, how are you doing?
- I'm great, thank you! Right now a bit busy with the last preparations for tomorrows event at the QWSTION invites store in Zurich!

Ok ok, we wont' bother you long. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
- Really? Well, I would say I am a very positive, creative and open-minded person – who likes nice accessories of course. 

Agreed! What are you actually doing here all day? Do you like working at KINSFOLK?
Basically I am responsible for the online store orders and of course for providing our customers who visit the Studio the best service. Also, I contribute to all our digital channels. That means I am planning throughout the month what topics we want to cover and then write about those and take pcitures. Additionally I help with many other small things like help planning events, running errands, do research and support where ever I can when creating a new collection.
And exactly this variety of tasks make me super happy working for you guys. I love it! 
I think I have the privilege to not only learn many things but also contribute something. I am looking very forward to implement a lot of my ideas and to get inspired by the story of KINSFOLK.

Thank you sweetie. Now back to work!